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B Vitamin [Trivia Part Three] B3 or Niacin Deficiency

B3 [Niacin Deficiency]

~Skin Rashes

Do you have a scaly rash that doesn’t respond to cortisone creams or anti-fungal medicine?

Have you had a “Butterfly Rash” on your face?


Do you have Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis?

Do you have nagging joint pain?


Do you know someone who was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, Insulin dependent type?


Is your cholesterol out of whack?

Has diet and exercise failed to help your cholesterol numbers?


Do you have ongoing anxiety or nervousness?

Is your ability to focus and concentrate less than it used to be?

Do you know someone with Schizophrenia or related conditions?


Do your hands have periodic circulatory problems [Raynaud’s phenomenon]?

Do you have pain when you walk [intermittent claudication] ?

If any or many of these questions resulted in a nod or two; Niacin [VitaminB3] deficiency may be the culprit.

There are three forms of Niacin or Vitamin B3

~Niacin (nicotinic acid)

~Inositol hexanicotinate [referred to as IHN – it is a true No-Flush version] 

~Nicotinamide.[known as Niacinamide]

Niacin and IHN are used for Cholesterol and triglycerides, B3 deficiency rashes, Raynaud’s and other circulation problems as well as various mental issues.

Niacinamide is frequently used for recent onset Type I Diabetes, arthritis and is also paired with Niacin for Schizophrenia.

“Time released” niacin products are best avoided; these are given to avoid the harmless and transient skin flushing seen with Niacin [not seen with Niacinamide]. Unfortunately some of the slow release or delayed release products have been associated with liver problems.

A far better choice is IHN [Inositol hexanicotinate] to completely eliminate this “flushing” problem.


It is important to take the B vitamins together; as in a B Complex supplement, “B100” or “B150” are common formulations. 

It is best to take the B’s twice a day.

Sugar depletes the B vitamins and studies show it is difficult to get enough B vitamins from foods alone.

Message me or comment your questions or concerns and I will respond ASAP.


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