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B Vitamin Trivia [Part One] B1 or Thiamine Deficiency

B1 or Thiamin deficiency symptoms:

~ Noise Hyper-sensitivity

Do little noises irritate you?

Crackling/crinkling/clicking sounds get on your nerves?

~ Immune Weakness

Are you sick more than your co-workers or other family members?

~ Pain Syndromes/Pain Hyper-sensitivity

Do you have a pain syndrome that won’t go away?

Do you have pain where you once had the shingles?

Neuropathy symptoms trouble you?

Do you have Migraine headaches?

Do you have dental pain but a normal dental exam?

If you have any or many of these symptoms you will almost certainly benefit from additional Thiamin [B1]

When you develop certain symptoms individual B’s may be needed in higher amounts [like B1] to re-establish proper levels.

Always take a B complex supplement to keep your B’s in balance.

[B Complex =B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 , folic acid, B12 , pantothenic acid, and biotin.]

There is no toxicity of B vitamins if taken together.

Message me if you have questions or concerns and I will respond in a post and/or private message.


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