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Health Tips of the Day

From The VitaDoc – Health Tips of the Day

1) Get 30 minutes of Sunlight per day [Boosts Vitamin D]

2) Read your food labels and avoid “Trans” [Heart Disease risk]

3) Use real Butter never Margarine/hydrogenated oil [Trans fat]

4) Avoid dark Colas [Phosphorus robs Calcium from our Bones]

5) Exercise, stay active, but keep it FUN [Make a Commitment]

6) Eat 2 Eggs per day [No increase in Cholesterol – AHA study]

7) Cut back on Sugar [Reducing Sugar intake LOWERS Cholesterol]

8) Eat fruits and vegetables daily [Reduces risk of Cancer]

9) Snack on nuts and seeds [Walnuts are rich in the Omega 3’s]

10) Take a “Multiple Vitamin” [Chelated versions are best]


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