Vitamin B6 Deficiency and YOU

Let me start by making a few points about the B vitamins in general. Think of the B vitamins as being the “worker B’s”. The help build and modify various molecules needed in energy production and therefore are vital to the proper function of our cells, tissues, organs and our bodies [from the bottom up so to speak]. They [B’s] work in concert to achieve and maintain normal metabolism.

So, it is easy to see that a shortage of any one vitamin could manifest in a broad watershed or in multiple problems/symptoms. 

Let me add here: Sugar [both “natural” and “Processed”] depletes B vitamins! Sugar is an “Anti-Nutrient” in that it requires immediate processing by the body but has no nutritional value. It is this conversion to fat, specifically to cholesterol, that consumes B vitamins at an alarming rate.

If, for instance, Riboflavin [B2] is lacking many will develop chapped lips [Cheilosis] and eventually, a secondary B6 deficiency  because B2 is needed to convert B6 to its active form. B6 is needed for proper Magnesium utilization. A shortage in B6 leads to a relative Magnesium deficiency [it may be present in the diet but not bio-available] and the symptoms often seen include wheezing, irritability, nasal “allergies” and muscle spasm to name a few. 

[Side note here, B6 deficiency is the culprit in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is reversible in 1 week with “activated” B6].

It can take months to replenish B vitamins to an optimal level. Remember that every cell, tissue and organ is competing for available nutrients. The liver generally gets “first pick”. Only after the liver processes, “activates” and uses what it needs does the rest of the body receive its portion. So, if a shortage exists there are consequences downstream from the liver. As I previously alluded, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is alleviated in 7 days with an activated version of B6, but using the typical version correction/sx relief takes four months. [“Activated” versions can bypass the liver]

Taking a B complex supplement can help you stay ahead of the curve and reducing sugar intake can prevent depletion of your B vitamins. 

Simple, but effective

If you have questions or concerns message me and I’ll address them in a post.

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