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Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome troubling YOU?

Do your hands get numb at night?

Are your wrists hurting when you are active?

Do a few of your fingers and thumb lose sensation off and on?

Has your activity been limited due to these symptoms?

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Have you been using splits at night with little relief?

Are you considering surgery?

Wouldn’t you like to avoid surgery if possible?

Have you had surgery and had your symptoms return?


Of course, if you have these symptoms you are probably interested, at least skeptically so.

The Good news is this: Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine has been shown to improve carpal tunnel symptoms.

In double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies John Ellis, M.D., et al. at the University of Texas have treated hundreds of patients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome with vitamin B6.

Using the typical B6 [pyridoxine] it may take as long as 3 months to see benefit.

HOWEVER, with the “activated” version [pyridoxal-5-phosphate] many experience improvement within 2 weeks!!

Let me back up for a minute. CTS [carpal tunnel syndrome] can be very serious. It can cause permanent nerve injury and loss of muscle use in the hand. If you have persistent symptoms, see your doctor!!! Surgery may be necessary, but it should not be the first choice.

Side note: There is some suggestion that a trace mineral deficiency [Manganese] can lead to a repetitive motion syndrome [aka CTS]. Taking a good multiple mineral/vitamin can help here, as can a colloidal mineral product.

Some important points:

B6 or pyridoxine is a B vitamin and part of the B complex.

The B vitamins should be taken together.

B6 taken in large doses without other B’s can cause a reversible tingling neuropathy.

Do not take B6 by itself, always take along with a B complex supplement.

Sugar depletes the B vitamins [sugar is converted to fat in the liver; this “burns up” the B’s]

In Summary:

1) Activated B6 can help reduce or eliminate carpal tunnel symptoms.

2) Ask for pyridoxal-5-phosphate, the “activated” version of B6.

3) Take a good B complex supplement as well

4) It is best to take B vitamins twice a day.

5) Avoid excess sugar to avoid B vitamin depletion.

6) See your doctor if you have persistent symptoms.


To achieve full spectrum nutrition we all need to supplement our diets.

Supplements to consider:

1) Get a good multiple vitamin/mineral product. Versions with “Chelated” minerals are best. I also like those with some plant based vitamins.

2) Take a quality Calcium product. Look for MCHA as the calcium source and one that includes Magnesium, vitamin D and some assorted trace minerals.

3) Take Omega 3 oils. Flax oil is the best to start. Adding Krill or fish oil later [BTW – Krill oil in the container has a distinctive odor – if you place 3-4 desiccant packs in the bottle and refrigerate it, the odor is gone in 12 hours]

4) Find a good Colloidal mineral product for trace minerals. Make sure it’s from Humic shale and NOT ionic minerals. Humic shale is the “fossilized” remains of the dinosaur days. Plant based colloidal minerals are 98% absorbed.

As always, feel free to comment or message questions or concerns.


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