Do You Swell or Retain Fluid with Salty Foods?

If you have fluid retention [mild swelling of hands and feet] when exposed to salty foods you are likely way behind on your Calcium. [Potassium and Magnesium are important as well.]

In 7-10 days of taking the proper Calcium [MCHA with Magnesium and Vitamin D] many people have these symptoms resolve.

A few quick tips.

~Don’t drink dark colas that contain Phosphoric acid [Phosphorus robs the body of Calcium.]  One 12 ounce cola robs the body of 2 grams of Calcium.

~If you drink coffee – use milk or real cream [this negates the phytates that bind Calcium]

~Use Morton’s Lite Salt with Iodine [50% Sodium and 50% Potassium]

~ Eat more fruits and vegetables [Magnesium and Potassium rich foods]

~ Get 20-45 minutes of sunlight per day – when exposed to sunlight your skin produces Vitamin D.  Fair skinned people need less exposure [20 min or so], darker complexions require longer exposure to produce the same amount of Vitamin D . With an average of 30 minutes of sunlight per day you will absorb 10 times more Calcium for a full day.

~Take 500mg of MCHA [Calcium] twice a day. MCHA is derived from cows and is 40-60% absorbed where calcium carbonate products are 3% absorbed. [Remember calcium carbonate is chemically identical to limestone; so are oyster shells, egg shells, coral and dolomite]. Calcium citrate is also an example of a metallic or rock-like mineral and therefore not very bio-available. Save your money.

~Taurine, a sulfonic acid, is a natural compound found in all animal tissues that can be taken as a dietary supplement as a natural “fluid pill”. Usually a 1,000mg twice a day.

Message me or comment any questions or concerns.

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