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Mark Cotter, M.D., founder of TheVitaDoc, discusses nutrition and supplements with actor and celebrity host, John James, star of Dynasty, The Colbys, All My Children.

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It is my mission to deliver truly beneficial, break-through supplement formulas that work to optimize your body's nourished state.  Most diets do not supply optimum nourishment to support a body's critical systemic functions, much less provide the amount of vitamins and minerals for getting well, healing and rejuvenating like it is meant to do.  From research and study during my last 30 years as a physician, I formulated these GLUCOSAMINE & DAILY vitamin supplements using the most body-critical nutrients in proper ratios so that your nutritional status is optimized to support a thriving lifestyle.

TheVitaDoc supplements take away the guesswork, and i
nclusive pricing makes it easy for everyone to get the most from their diets and achieve Optimal Nutrition status.  In my practice, I have noticed the unquestionable results of Optimized Nutrition. 

TheVitaDoc's GLUCOSAMINE™ & DAILY multivitamin formulas create a new and superior class of dietary nutritional supplements.  Formulated to precision using only carefully sourced and selected premium ingredients not found in most products, our innovative formulas contain the most effective form of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, MCHA, in perfect proportion to a family of supporting partner minerals including Boron, specialty nutrients like CoQ10 and a complete array of essential vitamins including B vitamins, Vitamins C, E, and others.

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