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TheVitaDoc's mission is delivering break-through supplement formulas with the most vital nutrients in proper ratios, especially formulated to optimize your nutritional status.
TheVitaDoc's GLUCOSAMINE™ & DAILY multivitamin formulas create a new and superior class of dietary nutritional supplements.  Formulated to precision using only carefully sourced and selected premium ingredients not found in most others products, our innovative formulas contain most effective form of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, MCHA, in perfect proportion to a family of supporting partner minerals including Boron, specialty nutrients like CoQ10 and a complete array of essential vitamins including B vitamins, Vitamins C, E, and others.

Simple.  Effective.  Certain.  TheVitaDoc takes away the guesswork.

Inclusive pricing makes it easy to get the vitamins and nutrients needed for Optimal Nutrition.

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