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Join date: Aug 23, 2021


Partyng hard means i gott a be in good, ya know, nutrition. I take such bad care of myself I balance it out with TheVitaDoc. It ain't. It ain't smart. But I'm not all for the vaccines really. But someone helped me out, told me a few things, answered me and showed me how I easy it was to be confised by listning to prople that didnt know what was real. I listen to scientests. Those guys dont give a fuck if you beleive them or not. the Truth is The Truthe. And the science is the science, mo. Some people better off listening to truth amd to wcience who dont care if you survive, but here's how you can. I love my grandma, but she can't be vaccinated, so I'm getting it so I feel way better about visiting. Because people are going to goddamn funerals. But the politians and those idiots on tv trying to convince me that personal liberty. Buil. This is the USA those of us that want to ensure liberty are getting the goddamn vaccine trying to minimize the shit. Amy way. I'm supposed to get sobrr in a few days. this my blow out. i Think thevitidoc is gonna make sure I get my nutrients because I need my health.


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