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Is Your Child a PICKY Eater?

Are there certain foods they will NOT eat?

Will they NOT take vitamins, much less their veggies?

Are they frequently sick, sniffling more than playing?

Are you struggling to get their nutrition on track?

Do your kids get frequent earaches? [Flax oil helps]

Is asthma a problem, or chronic allergies?

Eczema and dry skin an issue? [Omega 3’s]

Does your child bruise easily? [Vitamin C]

Do their mosquito bites heal slowly?

Does your child have ADD or ADHD? [B’s and omega 3’s]

Are you aware that nutrition plays a role in these conditions?

Have you experimented with various chew-able vitamins or liquids?

Have you had limited success? [Me, too!]

Let me ask an easy one….

Does your child love mashed potatoes?

Most kids do.


Few things are more common than a picky eater!

A finicky eater can frustrate the most patient of parents.

I’ve made bargains, I’ve used the bait and switch and now I’ve resorted to some crafty [and secretive] food augmentation – aka beating them at their own game 😉


A little background…

We all need certain nutrients and if you’ve been following my posts you already know.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to get OPTIMAL nutrition without supplementing your diet.

Even eating everything you are supposed to, you will still fall short.

Of course with stubborn kids this problem is magnified.

My goal is practical – to get proper nutrition relatively easily. 

As I have said many times before – dietary supplements are necessary to achieve optimal nutrition which is, of course, required for ideal health.


Essential Nutrients fall into four categories: 

Minerals, Vitamins, EFA’s [Essential Fats] and Protein/Amino Acids

Plants are grown in the soil.

Plants CAN make vitamins, amino acids, protein, fats and oils using sunlight via photosynthesis using their chlorophyll. 

However Plants CANNOT make minerals.

Our soil is depleted of minerals due to our farming methods. 

We use a fertilizer that contains three minerals, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – it can be argued that we need around sixty minerals. [this began over 100 years ago]

It has been shown that in 5-7 years of using the same soil that the mineral content drops to a level associated with problems – plants don’t grow healthy and animals that eat these plants have problems [failure to thrive, congenital birth defects and infertility to name a few].

We have prevented “new soil” deposition through flood control – levees and dams – for about a hundred years.

Because the plants are weaker [malnourished themselves] they are more susceptible to disease and insect dining.

These sub-optimal plants make fewer vitamins, amino acids, protein and essential fats.

So, until we correct our farmlands’ mineral problems we MUST supplement our diets.


FYI: Farmers and veterinarians have been supplementing animal feeds for over fifty years. 

Farmers PREVENT many of the illnesses and disorders we continue to suffer [diabetes, cancer, stroke, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, cardiomyopathy, infertility and many birth defects]

Every animal feed is loaded with supplemental nutrients.


Back to my shenanigans…

Because gourmet mashed potatoes are so delicious will start with them. 

The brand that I like is Idahoan – it comes in a four serving pouch.

Older kids can easily eat one pouch or nearly so.

If you have more than one child they can share.


Ingredients and Tools You’ll Need:

One pouch of Idahoan potatoes [Four Cheese and Buttery Homestyle are the the best]

Protein powder [whey isolate, unflavored, Natural – my favorite]

Co-enzymated B Complex [Source Naturals brand is fast acting]

Colloidal mineral liquid [Buried Treasure brand is good]

Vitamin C can also be added – capsules are easily opened or you can use the chew-able version. This will be helpful to kids with allergies, bruising or slow healing.

Egg yolks [discard the whites]

Butter [NEVER Margarine]

Flax oil [liquid or puncturing the gelcap version both work – Of the liquid varieties I avoid the “lignand rich” version because its particulate nature gives an unpleasant appearance to kids]

A little iodized salt


A Hand Blender works best [Cuisinart Smart stick is the one I use].

One 32 ounce cup

A Microwave Safe bowl with a cover

A Microwave

Privacy [so your kids don’t see]


How to get it DONE…

Using your 32 ounce cup

Add 1 cup of cool water [you can always add more later; with the added ingredients you need less water; I made a batch with 1 ½ cups of water and had to add more potatoes]

Add One scoop of protein powder.

Add One tablet of B complex [ Whole or broken in half]

Add 2-3 teaspoons of colloidal minerals [more for bigger kids]

Vitamin C [if desired, open a capsule and mix in – chew-able version will work here as well]

Mix thoroughly with hand blender

Pour mixture into a bowl

Gingerly add powdered potatoes

Mix carefully to avoid clumping

Crack and separate 2 eggs, saving the yolks – discard the whites.

Mix yolks in with a spoon

Add a touch of iodized salt

Add 2-3 pats of butter

Cover and microwave for 2-3 minutes

Check, stir and add a splash of water or milk if needed

Microwave further if necessary

Lastly, add 3-7 grams of flax oil 

Stir until fluffy

Cool a bit and serve!!


Mission Accomplished

Minerals? Check

Vitamins? On Board

Eggs? Affirmative

Omega 3’s/EFA’s? Yep

Happy Kid? :~)

Satisfied Parent? Certainly


Take Home Message……….

We cannot get “Full Spectrum Nutrition” from foods alone.

We MUST to supplement our diets to get “Full Spectrum Nutrition”.

To achieve Optimal Health we need “Full Spectrum Nutrition”.


And as I always say….

To achieve optimal health we need Full Spectrum Nutrition.

Around 90 nutrients are considered ESSENTIAL.

These nutrients can be divided into 4 groups:

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids [Protein] and Fats/Oils.

If Optimal Health is the goal, it is virtually impossible to get “everything you need” from foods alone.

To get full spectrum nutrition we ALL need to supplement our diets.


Supplements to consider for Adults and Teenagers:

1) Get a good multiple vitamin/mineral product. Versions with “Chelated” minerals are best.

2) Take a quality Calcium product. Look for MCHA as the calcium source and one that includes Magnesium, vitamin D and some assorted trace minerals.

3) Take Omega 3 oils. Flax oil is the best to start. Adding Krill or fish oil later

4) Find a good Colloidal mineral product for trace minerals. Make sure it’s from Humic shale and NOT ionic minerals. Humic shale is the “fossilized” remains of the dinosaur days. Plant based colloidal minerals are 98% absorbed.

5) Vitamin E is difficult to get in sufficient amounts from foods. I advise people to supplement with at least 400 IU per day. Natural versions are best, look for “d-tocopherol” .


Your feedback is important – please comment and ask questions.

Suggest topics that interest YOU.

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