A Good Overview of My Thinking

There are over 90 nutrients that we should consider “Essential” to our health: If we don’t have the proper amounts of these nutrients there are problems, some mild – others severe.

On average, there are 10 deficiency symptoms for each mineral that we are lacking. Calcium deficiency, it has been said, can lead to 147 symptoms including osteoporosis, joint pain, joint popping/creaking/cracking etc, sleeplessness, irritability, road rage, PMS, twitching muscles, low back pain and neck pain, sciatica, kidney stones, bone spurs, heel spurs, ringing in the ears and the list goes on and on. [Seizures, Cancer and Death are on the list as well]

There are similar lists for other minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fats/oils that are considered “essential”.

Remember PLANTS cannot make minerals !!

The list of ESSENTIAL nutrients includes 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 fats or oils [plus Vita-Nutrients like cholesterol and CoQ10]

For practical purposes I like to think in terms of 5 groups: Minerals, Vitamins, Protein, Fats and Vita-Nutrients. 

My goal is to optimize each group – it can be done and the results speak for themselves.

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